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Discovery Corner Images

Image Lunenfeld scientist studies the shape of key cancer proteins.jpg
Image Passion for science leads Mount Sinai Hospital cancer researcher to international acclaim.jpg
Image This month`s featured image the BMP signalling protein.jpg
Image diamandis copy for internet.jpg
Image BSE bone.jpg
Image The Bapat Lab: new insights into the genetics of colon, prostate and bladder cancer.jpg
Image The Roder lab: Sharp minds dedicated to understanding brain disorders.jpg
Image Laleh@SFN.jpg
Image neuron and dendrites.jpg
A neuron is a key cell of the nervous system, with its branching dendrites.
Image neuron and dendrites.jpeg.jpg
Image HelenMcNeill copy intranet.jpg
Image chondrocyte.jpg
A cartilage cell (or chondrocyte) is a key component of the structural scaffolding that comprises some tissues.
Image Dr. Helen McNeill: Cancer biologist exploring the mechanisms of tissue growth and organization.jpg
Image HelenMcNeill copy.jpg
Image KLK3 prostate specific antigen is a reliable screening biomarker of prostate cancer.jpg
Image Protein interaction networks.jpg
Researchers at the Lunenfeld use sophisticated proteomics and mass spectrometry instruments, as well as advanced software to identify specific proteins and determine networks of protein interaction pathways, like the one shown here for key phosphatases (enzymes).
Image Protein interaction networks.jpg
Image TedBrownprofessionalshot.jpg
Image Dr. Andrea Jurisicova
Image Dr. Lyle Palmer: Improving the health of our communities
Image dendritic spine 3d
Image Dr. Okamoto and new microscope.jpg
Image dendritic spine 3d2.jpg
Image dr.-kenichi-okamoto-inventor-scientist-and-innovator-in-brain-illnesses.jpg
Image The Andrulis lab: Uncovering the genes and pathways associated with breast cancer.jpg
Image cell-signalling-pathwaysL.jpg
Image cell-signalling-pathways.jpg
Image x-ray crystallography shows the 3D structure of proteins.jpg
Image changing-our-neurological-fate
Image changing our neurological fate
Image Dr-crystal-chan.jpg
Image casc5.jpg
Image HeLa cell in mitosis
Image Building spare parts
Dr. Ian Rogers and his team are improving techniques for kidney transplants.
Image Early stage of mitosis
At right is a cell in the early stages of mitosis, or cell division.
Image test1.jpg
Image test2.jpg
Image HeLacellinMitosis190X190
Image HeLacellinMitosis148X85
Image Irene Andrulis 148X85
Image Irene Andrulis Discovery Corner
Image Irene Andrulis Discovery Corner1
Image Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras
Image Light induced synaptic activity
Image Dr. Fritz Roth
Image Light Induced Synaptic Activity
Image Dr. Jeff Wrana
Image Rat Iris image
Image Rat Iris 148X85
Image Dr. Fritz Roth
Image Dr. Fritz Roth 140
Image Dr. Jeff Wrana
Image DNA Microtubules Pericentrin.png
Image organization of centrosomes.png
Image Dr. Laurence Pelletier.png
Image Dr. Laurence Pelletier 01927_20080801_0106s.png
Image Dr-Drucker-and-Dr-Zinman.png
Image A_L-7-MAFA-Glucagon.jpg
Image A_L-7-MAFA-Glucagon_tag.jpg
Image Zinman-Drucker.png
Image Dr. Rita Kandel
Image 3D Printing Machine
Image Biodegradable
Image Biodegradable spot
Image Biodegradable spot 148
Image January-Zinman.jpg
Image February-DNA.jpg
Image May-Siminovitch.jpg
Image September-Drucker.jpg
Image September-Dennis.jpg
Image September-Dennis.jpg
Image September-Dennis.jpg
Image October-Quagin.jpg
Image November-Briollais-Lye.jpg
Image November-mitosis.jpg
Image November-Zhen.jpg
Image December-Liang-Wrana-and-Val_Cell-Study.jpg
Image December-drug.jpg
Image millennials1.png
Image millennials_thumb.png
Image millennials2.png
Image Sos1-Grb2 protein.png
Image Sos1-Grb2 protein icon.png
Image woodgett-jim-2013-04-thumb.png
Image dan-drucker-148x85.jpg
Image Nagy_stem cell image.jpg
Image 05512_Nagy_Andras_web photo.jpg
Image Dr. Sabine Cordes
Image Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras_cropped.jpg
File The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute-- Discovery science and clinical synergy.pdf
Image the-lunenfeld-tanenbaum-research-institute---discovery-science-and-clinical-synergy.jpg
Image 07522_20150319_0049_web.jpg
Image 07522_20150319_0075_web.jpg
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