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Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Spotlight

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Page Diabetes: disease of the 21st century will affect approximately 500 million by 2030
Page Innovations in prostate cancer research during moustache season and beyond
Page New genetic discoveries offer hope to IBD patients
Page What does a worm’s nervous system tell us about disorders like Huntington’s Disease?
Page The Year in Review: 2012 Highlights from the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Page Millennials Help Scientists Transform Breast Cancer Research
Page How Research Impacts Your Health
We are fortunate to live during an age of evidence-based medicine, where scientists are working to solve the mysteries of the human body and some of the most pressing chronic diseases of our time, including diabetes, cancer, mental health and autoimmune conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Scientists who collaborate closely with physicians in academic hospital settings have the advantage of asking questions that connects their research with patient care being delivered by physicians, so that their lab discoveries can get to the patient’s bedside sooner.
Page 2013 International Symposium: Frontiers in Diabetes Research
Page $35 Million Gift from Larry and Judy Tanenbaum Launches Fundraising Drive for Endowment to Support Medical Research
Page Director warns why we shouldn't neglect basic science in favour of applied science
Page The anatomy of a major discovery
Page Unravelling the mysteries of complex brain disorders
Page LTRI Q&A: How do we predict breast cancer risk more effectively?
Page Michal Zimmermann
Page Dheva Setiaputra
Page Salomé Adam
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