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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Toronto’s Canada Research Chair program is administered by the University in partnership with nine affiliated hospitals in the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network (TAHSN).

This website complements the information provided on the University’s website,, and provides information specific to the Sinai Health (SH), including postings for available Canada Research Chair opportunities at the SH.

The Sinai Health is working with its TAHSN partners to develop an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. Please consult the CRC website to learn more about the Federal program’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Practices that aim to increase transparency within the program and which also requires firm targets to increase nationally the number of chair holders from the four designated groups as defined by the CRC program: women; Aboriginal peoples; persons with disabilities; and members of visible minorities.

CRC opportunities at the Sinai Health.

Archive of past CRC postings at the Sinai Health.


A Strategy for Raising Awareness

Sinai Health is dedicated to advancing an inclusive culture to support our diverse people. The Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness Department was established in the People and Culture Portfolio in 2019.  The department mandate focuses on employees as part of the belief that high-quality and compassionate care starts with investing in our diverse people and enabling a respectful, inclusive workplace culture.  Further, commitments to advance diversity and inclusion are embedded in our People Plan and reflected in our Purpose and Values. 

The Diversity, inclusion and Wellness Department: 

Provides advice, resources, training and administers the Respectful and Inclusive Workplace and Workplace Accommodation Policies to promote inclusive workplaces and build capacity to provide accessible, inclusive care

Provides confidential advice & Harassment & Discrimination investigations to resolve and remedy complaints

Coordinates Sinai Health’s Employee Inclusion Campaigns, Events & Committees aimed at raising awareness about diversity and inclusion issues and challenges.

With respect to raising awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion as it relates to the CRCP and the broader research enterprise, SH and the LTRI will undertake the following:

  • Publicly post all information related to CRCs at SH, including internal allocation, selection and recruitment processes; as well as profiles of current SH Chairholders.
  • Provide direct links to the CRC equity, diversity and inclusion action plan as well as the SH Human Rights & Health Equity office/contact information and the CRCP ‘unconscious bias’ training materials from the LTRI Intranet
  • Identify and promote institutional resources that could contribute to the attraction and retention of CRCs from the FDGs.
  • Offer and promote ‘unconscious bias’ training through the LTRI Research Training Centre, which is the education and support hub for all trainees
  • Ensure that ‘unconscious bias’ training is mandatory for all members of all search committees as well as the Research Council Executive. Monitor and document training compliance.
  • Build on LTRI’s existing communication channels to promote equity, diversity and inclusion, including via SH websites, the Intranet, and social media. Celebrate and recognize equity, diversity and inclusion achievements within and outside of the SH research community in consultation with SH public affairs staff.

Governance Plan for the Approval of the EDIAP

In accordance with the existing model of governance, after consultation with relevant SH departments (including Human Resources and Human Rights & Human Equity), the draft plan will be presented and approved by the Director of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and the Research Executive. If appropriate, the Hospital CEO and/or the Research Committee of the SH Board of Directors will also be informed.

Once approved, responsibility for execution of the plan falls to the relevant Research and non-Research departments, with oversight and monitoring by the LTRI Director and the Research Executive.

Future changes to the plan will be subject to the same approval processes.

See the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan.

Contact Information for EDIAP Implementation

For questions related to the implementation of the EDIAP at Sinai Health, please contact Gareth Taylor, Director, Office of Government Relations and Infrastructure Programs | Lunenfeld - Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health, at

For questions related to the CRC Program at Sinai Health, please email

How Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Concerns Are Monitored at SH

If you have a complaint or question related to equity, diversity and inclusion, contact the SH Human Rights & Health Equity office at

Sinai Health Policies Relating to Staffing of CRCs

Sinai Health recognizes that scholars have varying career paths and that career interruptions due to personal circumstances can be part of an excellent academic record. Candidates are encouraged to explain any personal circumstances in order to allow for a fair assessment of their application. Search committee members have been instructed to give careful consideration to, and be sensitive to the impact of, career interruptions in their assessments.

Sinai Health is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from racialized persons / persons of colour, women, Indigenous / Aboriginal Peoples of North America, persons with disabilities, and members of sexual minority groups, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

The following policies relate to the staffing of CRCs:

Conflict of Interest:

Research Ethics Board:

SH and LTRI also adhere to the national Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research:

Policies may change as part of the development of the SH institutional action plan.


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