about the sign-in / sign-on link...

The sign_in link, when used for accessing the INVIVO intranet sections of this Website will recognise the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum users by their email addresses — use the CONTACTDB domain for this purpose. 

Anyone who already has been assigned a registered user account on the CONTACTDB domain should be using that account.

Users who do not have registered user accounts on the CONTACTDB domain but have Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum email addresses may sign on and create accounts for themselves by following these steps: 

If you have a Lunenfeld-Tananbaum email address: {your_username}@lunenfeld.ca: 

  • Select the domain: CONTACTDB
  • Enter your Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum email address and submit
    • If on the next page you are asked for a password then your email address is already in the registry and you should know how to proceed from here.  (If you do not remember your password - there is a reset link on that page.)
    • If on the next page you are asked to fill out a form requesting your name and phone number, populate all the fields on that form and submit it.  If your email address is valid, a temporary password will be emailed to your Inbox.  When setting up your email address for use here you will need to perform these additional steps in order to complete the account set up.
  • Once you receive the temporary password, go back to the sign-in link, select the domain of CONTACTDB and enter your email address and submit it (just like before only now on the next page you will be sked for the password).
  • The temporary password should be changed soon after it's delivered to you.  On the password page is a link to a Password Change option — click it and follow the on-screen instructions.


Additional notes:

In this system, you may change the password as often as you feel it is necessary; you may also reset it as often as necessary.

The passwords expire periodically.  When the password expiry date gets closer, you will notice that the password page will prompt you with an alert to change the password before it expires (it is easier to simply change the password rather than have to reset and then change it).

Should you need to reset the password because you either allowed it to expire, locked out the account by too many incorrect login attempts in a row, or perhaps you forgot the password, you may use the reset link, which is located next to the password change link; and you may use that reset as often as may be necessary.  Each time you use the reset link, a new temporary password will be emailed to your Inbox.